Contact Us

For questions or to order meat for the next Farmers Market, please call:  831 659-1760

or email jefe at seastudios dot org

Thanks– see you at the market!  MPC, Fridays, 10am to 2pm


6 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Mary-Kate said:

    I am looking for your mailing address!

  2. Todd Farrington said:

    Hey there. Looking for what type of cuts are avail. and if you’ve still got Dorrance. Coming to the Friday Market on April 13 provided it’s not rained out. Live past CV village. Place to pick up out there possibly? Looking for 5-6 pounds hanger or ground… anything! -Todd

    • tassajarameats said:

      Hi Todd– sorry I haven’t gotten back sooner. I’ve been laid up with the worst flu Ive had in decades. And then our electricity has been out all day. I do have Dorrance beef and could arrange to get you some hangers next week? Thanks, Mark

  3. Carolyn Swanson said:

    Hi! I met a cool young guy at the MPC market today. We talked briefly about soaking grains, nuts, seeds. Etc. Anyway- here is a link that I learned a few things from, maybe you will, too!

  4. Hello! I was just wondering if you guys usually have ground beef on hand at the farmers markets? Or if not any other way to get ground beef from you guys and how much per pound? Thanks so much!


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