See us at the MPC Farmers Market Fridays 10am to 2pm

Tassajara Natural Meats is dedicated to providing the Monterey Peninsula the finest in locally raised meats. We do this because it is healthier for you, better for the animals, and better for the environment. And we do it for the rich flavors that result from this care. We value the great tradition of the local ranchers and appreciate the healthy land on which we — and the animals — live. We know how each animal was raised and processed and are pleased to share the tasty and healthy results with you.


We sell our meats at the FRIDAY Farmers Market at Monterey Peninsula College (MPC). Their hours are 10am to 2pm. We also sell directly to you through email orders.


Currently we have young beef that was raised in Big Sur, Elkhorn Slough and Mt. Toro. The ranches are on the coast and benefit from the lush grasses the mild coastal climate affords. The beef is dry aged for 2 weeks, cut to our specifications, and vacuum-packed and frozen.


Each week we bring selected cuts to the Market. If you have a particular request we are happy to bring that to the market for you.

23 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Tom O'Neill said:

    Howdy, Tom O’Neill here, you know Mom and I from the Farmer’s Market and the Aquarium! Going to bite into the Dorrance Ground Beef on Saturday….wondering what other Dorrance cuts you may have available for bringing to the Farmer’s Market next Friday….and prices please!


    Tom O’Neill

    • tassajarameats said:

      Hi Tom— Hope you enjoy the ground beef! We have a variety of cuts from the Dorrances. Rib steaks are $20/lb, sirloin is $12/pound and t-bones and porterhouses are in between. I’m suggesting slow cooking cuts from the Dorrance’s beef– it tends to be a bit tougher than our coastal beef. Chucks, stew meat and Roasts are great in the slow cooker– in the $10/pound range. Let me know!

    • Hello, I have been eating y’alls beef for a long while now. It is by far the best grassfed beef I have ever tried. I was wondering what the price (if available) it would be to purchase a half a cow? And if not, if yall sell in bulk. Thank You.

      • Hi Chet– Really glad to hear how much you like our beef– nothing like lazing around Big Sur and Elkhorn Slough for these animals. I wish I could do larger quantities, but I have so few animals and the cost has gone up so much for me in the past year that I just can’t afford to offer a discount to bulk. Sorry.


  2. Tassajara, do you have any coastal Top Sirloins….looking for a pound or so….please let me know, I’ll be a the market on Friday and will buy what you bring!

    • tassajarameats said:

      Hi Tom, really sorry– I can’t make it to the market this week. And I’m afraid I also only have Dorrance Ranch meet right now until the Spring. Thanks!

  3. What cuts and areas will you have at the Friday 4/19 market?

  4. Hi
    Are your beef finished on grass also?

  5. I tried to send an email, but it didn’t go through. Do you ever have standing rib roast available at the market or for special order?

  6. Hello, I am curious if I would be able to by a 1/2 cow from you. If you do that what would the cost look like by lbs.?

  7. Melanie Subayan said:

    Are you still going to MPC on Fridays? Would like ground beef? How much per lbs?

  8. Do you have ground beef? And whats the price per pound?

  9. Chef Paul Bay of Pines Restaurant said:

    Hi, chef paul here I have a stupid question. Do all cattle ranchers slaughter at the same time of the year ? And when they sell out them is there a waiting period to get product?

    • Hi Chef– There is most definitely seasonality to grass finished beef. In California we have 6 months of dry and 6 (hopefully) of rain. Therefore we have an optimal growing season and half a year that is more maintenance. But most cattle ranchers don’t slaughter at all. They raise calves and sell for what will become commodity beef. There are calving seasons and a rancher will generally choose one– fall or spring calving. We calve in the fall and therefore wean in the early summer. Our calves have had the benefit of mother’s milk and green grasses. We then harvest in the summer after a gentle weaning. We are now growing some of the calves on our Big Sur pasture that will allow for longer times on the grass. So to answer your question, you can probably find fresh product all year long, but if it is grass fed/finished, it will be better at certain times of year. Happy to talk more to you about it. Good luck with your new venture.

  10. Where can I get information on your slaughter process and inspection reports?

    • Hi David, We slaughter our animals at the organically certified beef facility, Yosemite Valley Meats, in Merced. I personally take the animals and leave in the middle of the night when they are calm and it’s cool. Because Yosemite is organically certified, they follow those protocols while the animals are under their supervision. The carcasses are then transported via cooler truck to J&R Meats in Paso Robles where they are dry aged, butchered, cryovac sealed and frozen. All aspects are under USDA supervision.

      • Thanks for the information. I could not find that anywhere on your website. Perhaps you can add it for other folks wondering the same thing.

        Thanks for your help.

  11. Mark Moore said:

    Hi just wondering if your ever looking for extrahand
    with your cattle.. id like to learn about livestock..

  12. MaryJo Conway said:

    I am looking for liver and bones to make broth. Are these items you would be able to provide? I am able to make it to the MPC market the next few weeks.

  13. Hello, I’ve heard about being able to purchase calfs which are later slaughtered and butchered. Do you guys do something like that?

    • You’ve heard right. Technically that’s what people do when they buy a portion of an animal that is processed under state inspection. I process using USDA inspection throughout so I can sell you any portion of an animal after it’s been butchered. I don’t have enough animals to be able to offer a discount for volume. Sorry. Try Joe Morris Grassfed. He’s great.

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